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History of Paraquat

The chemical Paraquat has been connected with affecting a person’s health after exposure. This can happen in both short-term and long-term situations and can ultimately be life-threatening. For those who were harmed because of this chemical, you may wonder how you were exposed and where this chemical comes from. Our experienced lawyers at Frost Law Firm, PC know the history of Paraquat and the harm that it has caused to many people and their families.

If you or a loved one has been exposed to Paraquat, you can seek justice with a California Paraquat lawsuit lawyer. We work closely with clients to help them through the intricacies of the legal process to make sure their rights are protected and they’re getting the best possible outcome.

What Is Paraquat Used For?

Paraquat dichloride, also known as Paraquat, was made for commercial purposes in 1961 as an herbicide to control grass and weeds. The CDC states that in the U.S., only commercially licensed users can use this herbicide because of its toxicity.

Chevron sold Paraquat to United States companies from 1964 to 1986. The agricultural industry had use for it because the chemical killed weeds and grasses that could affect their crop yield. Since its appearance in 1961, knowledge surrounding this chemical and how it can harm humans has increased. Paraquat has a connection to Parkinson’s disease, along with other health risks.

While there is required training and only certified parties can use this chemical, the toxic substance has led to injuries and deaths. Some of the fatalities occurred through accidental ingestion. According to the EPA, 17 people have died since 2000 because of accidental ingestion, three of whom were children. Three deaths and other severe injuries have been associated with the herbicide making direct contact with a person’s eyes or skin.

However, despite these known risks, the toxic herbicide is still used regularly. The federal government estimated that more than 15 million pounds of Paraquat were used in American crops, even though it’s categorized as highly poisonous by the CDC.

There’s also been a connection between dangerous chemicals like Paraquat and suicide rates among farmers, as it takes a very small amount of ingestion to cause death.

With such a prominent use in major industries like agriculture, there are many possible situations where someone could be exposed to the chemical. Let’s take a look at the different names that Paraquat can fall under.

What Products Contain Paraquat?

If someone purchases an herbicide that isn’t called Paraquat, that doesn’t mean that they’re not using the toxic substance. This chemical is sold under a number of names, one of the most common being Gramaxone.

Your California Paraquat lawsuit lawyer will know the various names that this chemical can be sold as and also look into the company or companies that sold it. This chemical, along with its various brand names, can be made and sold by a number of different companies. A total of 377 companies worldwide sell this herbicide. It’s important to also know the manufacturers of this chemical. The following companies make Paraquat and sell it:

  • Syngenta
  • Chevron Chemical Company
  • United Phosphorous
  • Sinon USA, Inc.

However, there are many companies that may produce their own brand name of Paraquat. Those buying the herbicide may not realize that they’re dealing with an incredibly toxic substance. While there have been efforts to control who can use the chemical and properly train and instruct those to use this chemical safely, injuries and deaths do still occur. Obtaining a license does not necessarily mean they’ll use the chemical and not risk exposure. In fact, applicators who have a license to use Paraquat are more likely to face exposure.

Have You Been Harmed Because of Paraquat?

Paraquat injuries can be both acute and prolonged. Immediate reactions to Paraquat exposure include getting sick, swelling in the mouth, and dehydration. Unfortunately, further symptoms can appear over the upcoming weeks. Those who were exposed can experience organ failure or scarring on the lungs.

If someone ingested Paraquat in high amounts, organ failure, brain fog, and feeling weak can all occur within a few hours or days. Typically, those who ingest this much will not survive.

However, those who do survive the toxic exposure will likely have permanent health effects that can cause complications for the rest of their lives. These may require medical care to maintain quality of life.

If any of these situations has happened to you or a loved one and you suspect it’s due to Paraquat poisoning, our lawyers are here to help you with a Paraquat lawsuit.

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Even though the dangerous exposure effects of Paraquat are well-known, companies still use them and in some cases may not provide the warning or instruction necessary to use this chemical as safely as possible. Experiencing the symptoms of toxic exposure or watching a loved one go through it can be incredibly difficult, which is why our attorneys are here. We believe in standing up for those who were wrongfully exposed to this chemical.

With our lawyers on your side, you can trust us to fight for your future. We’ll seek compensation that will help you or a loved one get the medical care you deserve, along with other damages like lost wages, loss of earnings, and in some cases, loss of consortium.

Our personal injury law firm is used to taking on companies and holding them accountable for putting others at risk. We understand how companies can use intimidation tactics to get a client to settle for less than they deserve, but we won’t let that happen. Our primary goal is to get justice for our clients and that’s what we’re going to do every step of the way.

If you or a loved one has suffered due to Paraquat exposure, a California Paraquat lawsuit lawyer from Frost Law Firm, PC is here for you. To start looking into your case, contact us today for a free consultation. Our attorneys are ready to answer any and all questions that you have and will work with you to find the best way for you to move forward.



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