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Kauai Mesothelioma Lawyer

A mesothelioma diagnosis changes your life forever. Whether you’ve received this diagnosis or your loved one did, you’re likely going into an uncertain future. While there are resources out there for those who have mesothelioma, it’s best to have experienced representation at your side to give you the strongest chance of recovering for your losses. A Kauai mesothelioma lawyer from Frost Law Firm, PC can help.

Sites on Kauai Where Asbestos Exposure Could Have Happened

Our attorneys are familiar with the sites on Kauai where people faced asbestos exposure. If you or a loved one worked for one of these businesses, there’s a chance you may have been exposed to asbestos.

Grove Farm

In 1864, Grove Farm, a sugar plantation, was taken over by George Norton Wilcox. The business grew steadily, becoming an economically positive force for Kauai. As Wilcox moved forward with innovation, the business needed to keep up. This meant moving toward advancements in manufacturing, planting, and cultivating sugar. It was one of the first plantations in Hawaii to use mechanized sugar seed planters. The plantation offered job opportunities for residents, but those residents may have been exposed to asbestos. While the plantation may have grown in technological advancements, those working there may not have known how dangerous the plantation was. Asbestos could have been used in the manufacturing process or could have been used to make the buildings on the plantation.

Kauai Electric Company, Ltd.

This company dates back to the 30s, when asbestos was used heavily in the electric business. Because asbestos doesn’t conduct electricity, it was used in the wiring as an insulator. While exposure could have happened then, there’s also the concern of any time electrical workers were doing maintenance or repairs. Typically, when they need to fix something with the wiring, they need to get through the protective insulator first. This process could disturb the asbestos and cause particles to get into the air, where the electrician could have breathed them in.

Kekaha Sugar Company

This sugar plantation ran from 1898-2000. As the plantation grew, so did the town. Those who lived there during that time likely worked at the plant. Like Grove Farm, this sugar plantation likely improved its technology and processes over time—and unfortunately also may have used asbestos in its construction and manufacturing.

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