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Which CPAP Machines Are Recalled?

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CPAP machines, or Continuous Positive Airway Pressure machines are intended to improve a person’s health with their use. Doctors and other medical professionals often instruct patients with sleep apnea to use a CPAP so they can continuously get oxygen through the night. However, some devices have been recalled.

You might be wondering exactly which CPAP machines are recalled, which is fair since this could affect your health. Let’s take a look at the list that has been recalled and what that means for you.

Recalled CPAP Machines

As a user of a CPAP machine, you’re likely up to date on information about your medical device and how to keep it as clean and safe as possible. However, a recall can throw a wrench in those intentions because whether you’re keeping it clean and safe or not, it’s not actually as safe to use as you thought it was.

Recalls can seem cumbersome and annoying because you could need a new device, but really, they’re to keep you as safe and healthy as possible. That’s why it’s important to know if any recalls exist for a device you use, like a CPAP. Currently, there is a recall for the Philips Respironics CPAP and BiPAP devices.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a recall for these devices from Philips Respironics in June 2021:

  • E30
  • DreamStation ASV
  • DreamStation ST, AVAPS
  • SystemOne ASV4
  • C-Series ASV
  • C-Series S/t and AVAPS
  • OmniLab Advanced+
  • SystemOne Q-Series
  • DreamStation
  • DreamStation Go
  • Dorma 400
  • Dorma 500
  • REMstar SE Auto
  • Trilogy 100
  • Trilogy 200
  • Garbin Plus, Aeris, LifeVent
  • A-Series BiPAP Hybrid A30
  • A-Series BiPAP V30 Auto
  • A-Series BiPAP A40
  • A-Series BiPAP A30

If you’ve been using one of these machines, it could have negatively affected your health. If you’ve noticed that your health has declined, used one of these devices, and your doctor has linked your illness or injuries to one of these machines, then you could use the help of our California CPAP machine recall lawyer.

We’ll stand up for your rights as a consumer and hold the manufacturer accountable for their negligence. We have experience with claims involving defective medical devices and joining mass litigation, so you know you’ll be properly represented.

Why Were the Machines Recalled?

When any medical device is recalled, it’s because it has become unsafe for use of patients and other consumers. This way, people can stop using the device that they previously believed was safe, and switch to another device with the guidance of their doctor or physician. In the case of these CPAPs that were recalled, they could have serious effects on consumers.

You might be wondering why your device is recalled, especially if you haven’t been having any problems with it. But even if you think you’re fine, the devices could be causing you harm without your knowledge.

Included in the FDA’s recall from above, there are issues listed with the devices. The main defect with the CPAP and other devices is that the polyester-based polyurethane (PE-PUR) foam used to quiet the machine can break down and disintegrate. Since it’s supposed to make the device quieter, the breakdown of this foam could make it louder, but it also has more serious consequences.

The foam is in the part of the device placed around the mouth and nose, which means that when it breaks down, it can easily enter the person’s airways. Little bits of foam could enter the respiratory system and attach to the tissues inside. There, the body could encapsulate it in tissue and absorb the chemicals. It could also cause obstructions and infections.

Even if a person doesn’t inhale or ingest the particles of the foam when they break down, the foam could release poisonous gases. These chemicals can be inhaled and harm the body.

Let’s take a look at what all of this means for you if you’ve used one of these devices.

What This Means for You

When you see a recall of a device you use, your first thought is likely how this affects you. Well, there could be many ways this affects you. The first of that being your health. There are symptoms you might experience that could mean the device has been harming you. Those symptoms include:

  • Irritation of your skin, eyes, nose, mouth, and upper respiratory tract
  • Sinus infections
  • Upper respiratory infections
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Burns
  • Asthma
  • Organ damage
  • Organ failure

If you’ve used those devices and experienced any of these symptoms, or others you think could be related, then you should talk with your doctor. They can properly diagnose you and determine if the defective CPAP machine could be linked to what you’re experiencing.

Even if you’re not experiencing these symptoms, you should talk to your doctor. Instead of immediately stopping to use the CPAP machine, you need to discuss it with your doctor. They could have a plan in place for safely transitioning to another device.

Moving forward, if you do switch machines, it’s helpful to register any Philips Respironics devices here so you get recall information immediately.

Otherwise, after all of this has been confirmed, and your injuries have been linked to the recalled CPAP machines, you could be interested in taking legal action for the harm the company has caused you. You deserve justice for what you’ve been through. At Frost Law Firm, PC, we will stand behind you and ensure your rights are protected.

Frost Law Firm, PC Is Here for Victims

Navigating a CPAP machine recall can be difficult, especially when the device you were using caused you damages. Our California CPAP machine recall attorney understands that this is a confusing and vulnerable time in your life, which is why we’re here to support you through the claims process.

You deserve compensation when a company’s negligence with a medical device has harmed you. Reach out to us at Frost Law Firm, PC so that we can discuss your potential claim and how we can help you.

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